Société : ACKSYS
Stand : N-24 
Adresse : 10 rue des entrepreneurs ZA Val Joyeux  - 78450 VILLEPREUX - FRANCE
Site internet :
Type d’exposant : Offreur de solutions technologiques
Levier de compétitivité :
  • Objets connectés et internet industriel
  • Usines et lignes / ilots connectés, pilotés et optimisés

Description : As a specialist of WLAN, cellular, LAN and serial communications, ACKSYS eases the digital transformation of its end customers by bringing its expertise and high-quality standards to meet the most severe requirements in transportation (rail, metro, tramway, road), industrial (SCADA, automation, AGV), military (army, navy, airforce), aeronautics, mining (underground, surface), oil & gas and renewable energies.
Nouveauté(s) présentée(s) : AirBox LTE has WiFi and cellular wireless interfaces to ensure maximum flexibility for industrial applications. It allows a remote and secure access to all the devices connected to the router. Its WiFi interface, configured in access point mode, also offers secure access to the network from a tablet. Its 4 GPIOs make it possible to remotely control equipment or to read the logic state of an input signal. 
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